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Why not share your immaculate good taste with a friend or loved one by giving them a gift subscription to The Lady Magazine? 

Not sure if they will like The Lady Magazine? Why not start a trial gift subscription for just £5! Get 5 issues delivered direct to their door and if they are happy with the gift you can extend the subscription for just £17.50 every quarter! 

The Lady Magazine is the most talked about women's weekly. Treat her today - you know that she deserves it. 

Select your gift option below, once completed you will also be able to send a free personalised gift card to inform your lucky recipient this is a present from you - Click here to find out more!


Gift Subscription Offers


Trial Gift Subscription - 5 weeks for £5 - Saving 69%! 

The Lady - 5 Weeks for £5


6 Month Gift Subscription - Half a Year for £52 - Saving 36%!

The Lady - 6 Month Gift Subscription


Annual Gift Subscription - 1 Year for £75 - Saving 54%!

The lady - Annual Gift Subscription


As an annual subscriber you will receive 48 issues posted out in 2018, including two fabulous double Spring and Summer Collector’s editions plus our Christmas triple issue, covering an annual 52 week period.

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